Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dining daddy style

Eliana and I strolled through downtown Bozeman and ended up at Lindley Park this afternoon.  When we were walking back to the car (which was on the other end of Main Street) Eliana was hungry, so we stopped at Blackbird Kitchen for an early dinner.  However rather than eating a normal dinner, we decided to eat dessert first. Of course the six-year-old thought that was a great idea.

I ordered a strawberry tart (which had a much fancier name) and espresso. Eliana ate a skillet apple pie with a caramel crust and topped with fresh whipped cream. Both were very good, but Eliana's was fantastic.

Afterwards we were a touch hungry but didn't feel like eating an entrée.  So we wandered down the street a block to the co-op and bought a baguette, a bit of local, organic, artisan goat cheese, and a block of aged cheddar. We ate about half of that there and then headed to the car.

Halfway home we passed by Cafe Fresco.  I've been hankering for tiramisu all week and Cafe Fresco has the best in Bozeman.  (Random factoid: tiramisu was most likely invented only a few decades ago.)  I stopped in and picked up a piece for me and a bit of raspberry sorbet for Eliana.  When we got home, I gave her a taste of each. Unfortunately she preferred the tiramisu despite her antipathy for coffee. I told her that it had coffee in the brown part. She told me that was her favorite part. So sadly I had to split half of my long sought treat because, obviously, any opportunity to confer positive associations upon coffee in my daughter's mind must be taken.

After finishing our second dessert, which was also outstanding, we finished off the last of our bread and cheese.

As far as I'm concerned that was a perfectly satisfying dining experience.

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