Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Colonial Feast

One of the joys I have in life right now is the freedom to be active in Eliana's classroom activities. Today was the Kindergarten and First Grade Colonial Feast. Last year I was a bystander, so this year I was able to take a much more active role in putting together this fun event for the kids and taking some of the strain off the teachers. What a blessing that is! The first graders have been learning about the colonists and the first Thanksgiving. To make the event a little more authentic, the students draped large napkins over their shoulders and laps, ate out of wooden dishes, and used shells as their utensils. They also got to sample authentic colonial food such as duck jerky, hasty pudding, berries, and wild game. We had 25 students, plus younger siblings and parents who attended the feast. It was fun for all!!

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