Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The window is closing

I've been taking Eliana to Bridger Bowl to ski most weekends this winter.  She's been improving consistently.

A few weeks back I told Elizabeth that she really needed to start coming with us.  The window is closing I told her; soon her daughter would ski better than her and have no patience to wait for mom.

Two weekends back Elizabeth came with us.  She hadn't really been skiing since before Eliana was born, so she was a bit rusty.  She definitely started a bit slow.

When we got off the chair lift for the first run, Eliana headed straight for one of her favorite runs which ends at a spot where you have to make a couple of quick turns in ungroomed snow.  Elizabeth thought we were crazy.

As the day progressed Elizabeth regained her confidence and was basically keeping up with Eliana.  As Elizabeth observed later, she has better form, but Eliana a lack of fear.  I know that's not true because Eliana tells me she's too scared to do plenty of the (completely reasonable) runs I suggest.

Anyway, I've been really, really proud of how well Eliana is skiing this year.  I was particularly proud of her that day because she managed to put in twelve runs, which was well above her previous high of seven.

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Ariana said...

I wish we lived in Montana. Ah for weekend ski outings. Not bad for a TX girl, E!