Thursday, May 19, 2011

Date Night

Last fall Elizabeth and I decided to buy season tickets to this season of Broadway in Bozeman.  We'd done it once before a few years back and it had been a nice excuse to schedule some data.  Well, although Garrison Keillor was astonishingly good, I'd forgotten that I really don't like musicals.  So, when it came time for The Wizard of Oz earlier this year, I suggested Elizabeth take Eliana.  They had a great time and the kid loved it.  

This past Tuesday, Elizabeth had a conflict, so I took Eliana to Riverdance.  Because it was date night, I went all out and took her to eat at Wendy's.  She ordered her own food, which included a baked potato with a side of crackers.  We got into our seats at the show about 4 minutes before show time.  Three minutes later she was quite impatient and was asking when the show would start, so we started looking through the crowd for people with funny hats.  That tided her over until the show started.  We both enjoyed it.  Her favorite part was, ironically, the Flamenco dancer and her beautiful dresses.  Then again, I liked the staged dance contest between the hip hop dancers and trio of Riverdancers.  It was a good night.  The next morning she said thanks for taking her on a date.

What I think is funniest about our taking Eliana to these shows is that the whole Broadway-style of entertainment, or at least the family friendly versions that manage to tour our neck of the woods, are probably more fun and more exciting for a kid than for an adult.  I wouldn't have guessed when we bought the tickets 9 months ago that it would be our baby, who's rapidly turning into a girl, who would enjoy them the most.

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