Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Crush

Eliana apparently has developed a crush on one of the boys in her preschool class. A few weeks back, she received an invitation to his birthday party. She toted the Transformers festooned cardstock all over the house right up until the day Optimus Prime had announced.

It was the ever insightful Mommom who first noticed that Eliana's enthusiasm seemed to be greater than usual for a birthday party. She asked Ellie if she though the boy was cute. Emphatically the reply came that he was the cutest boy in preschool.

The party was Wednesday at "Old McDonald's." Elizabeth had a chance to talk to the boy's mom at the party. It turns out the crush is requited. She said that her son tells her he and Eliana are "in love." In more worrying news, the mother of another boy at the party says that he doesn't like girls, but he talks positively about Eliana all the time. This pattern could become concerning to a father.

Today, Eliana is running around, making what I believe is a card for the birthday boy. She's been writing their names next to each other obsessively and commenting effusively about the shocking fact that they both have "E"s in their name. Oy.

It gets worse. Elizabeth reports that the wee one then said something to the effect of "Eliana and boy's name. Now for love." Then she asked her for help drawing a heart, which she spent the next 20 minutes practicing. The authoring of this post was interrupted many times to be shown her improving attempts.


Taylor Mathews said...

Oh, man. It starts early, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real world of parenting.

Anonymous said...

"Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees." ask MomMom she'll tell you Herman's Hermit's said it all back in the day. Love, Wendy

Anonymous said...

I tried to be anonymous.