Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exploration Works!

From Helena with Ginny

While we were in Helena, we went to Exploration Works! too, because we got in free thanks to our Museum of the Rockies membership. =D It's a hands on children's museum and is pretty cool. There are all sorts of exhibits about sound and shape and the human ear and all sorts of stuff.

There were tuning forks to play with, which was kind of cool.

Leif and Eliana made music together with flip flops and pipes.

I think the favorite exhibit is the one where you could cut fins in paper cups and try to get them to hover over the blowing air.

The little kid's section of the museum was really cool. It was all gated off so parents didn't have to worry about their toddlers running off into the other sections of the museum. They cutely named it "Little Sky Country." I liked it.

So did Ellie.

There was even a section designed for infants where parents could sit and infants could roll around and look at colorful displays without being overrun by the 2 and 3 year olds.

All in all, a very cool place! If you're in Helena, check it out!!

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Ron said...

Wow, not only looks like you had fun, but took fabulous photos too! I work at ExplorationWorks and our whole crew is oohing and ahhing over some of your photos--the glow on your daughter's face, the flying cups action shot with shallow depth of field, the black and white tuning fork shot--GREAT STUFF!
We would be honored if you could send us these images for possible use in our newsletter or perhaps on our website or ?. My name is Ron Boggs and my email is Drop me a note and let me know your thoughts.
Thanks for visiting--glad you liked the museum!