Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another few Pictures from Ellie's Three Year Shoot that I Love

Last year when we went out for Ellie's annual shoot, we only owned one nice camera, so Elizabeth and I had to trade back and forth. You can imagine how well our sharing went. Conveniently we've picked up another nice camera since then. So this year, Ellie had two crazy people chasing her with cameras and shouting suggestions.

Her response was to run away.

Elizabeth, who took all of the pictures in this post, took this as Ellie was coming back.

See this gesture? I see it all the time. This is the sight of Ellie emphatically explaining something punctuated with her signature raised, slightly curled finger.

I like this one because it's a cool shot and because Ellie has roughly the same dopey look on her face that she used to strike whenever she was examining some new thing deeply, which happened frequently when she was much younger. Nowadays, we rarely see her without a directed, intense look in her eye.

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