Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Could it be? Is Spring really here?

Well, it might just be true that Spring is here! I hope so, at least! This has been one of Ellie's favorite passtimes this week:

Playing in the Sandbox

Playing in the Sandbox

You'll notice there is very little sand left in the sandbox after a summer of playing in it and a winter of it sitting more or less vacant! But she has fun anyway. I would love to build a sandbox under her swingset (well, not under the swings!) for her to play in instead of this inflatable baby pool. Anyone want to take on that project for me???


Anonymous said...

I would love to build that sand box for Ellie.

The Musician said...

That girl needs a little garden!

Tamara said...

if poppy doesn't get to it, you or leif could easily do it in an afternoon. my mom & brother (age 16) built one for me when we lived in ohio. it was just a large, shallow box with triangles of wood in each corner for a seat. worked AWESOME for me!