Sunday, December 31, 2006

Laundry Time!

Look what I found in the laundry! Leif brought up a load of clothes and there was a cute little stowaway in the basket. Silly Daddy!

On the food front, Ellie is eating like a little piggy. So far she's eating three meals of solid food daily, in addition to nursing and formula. It's pretty hard to fill her up, but when she does get really full, she gets all cute and dopey and happy. She gets that "Thanksgiving-afternoon" look on her face. So far we've given her rice cereal and avocado, and tomorrow she'll have her first taste of sweet potato. I've been in baby food making mode, cooking, pureeing, and freezing fruits and veggies. Ellie has yet to make yucky faces at her food, so it'll be interesting to see if she turns out to be a baby who eats anything and everything (as she has so far) or if she will develop picky eating habits. Who knows. But for now feeding her is a joy. She doesn't like to drink water, though, so that's something we're working on. We have learned that she is capable of drinking out of a sippy cup, though once she realized it only had water in it she just wanted to play with it. This is once of my favorite pictures of her playing with her cup.

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