Sunday, May 28, 2006

Our Final Pre-Baby Whirlwind Weekend Roadtrip

We went to Boise, ID this weekend. Well, not exactly for the whole weekend, but for a day. John Fulton (aka Dad), one of Leif's fellow Flooders, got married on Saturday. It's about an 8 hour drive between Bozeman and Boise. We left after the Petra end-of-school picnic and drove there - got to hang out with some LeTourneau friends we haven't seen in a long time (say, 5 years...) on Friday night, got up Saturday morning and went to the Farmer's market in downtown Boise, went to the wedding at 2:00 and were on the road back to Bozeman by 3:15. That put us back home right about 11:00pm, where we found Dave and Tam's car sitting in our driveway after their day-long drive to see us from northern WA. We haven't seen them yet, but I can hear them moving around downstairs, so I know they're here and will be up shortly. :) And yes, the fact that they're staying downstairs means that we DID get the guestroom and bathroom presentable enough to have people use them! ANYWAY - Back to Boise. Our camera's batteries died partway through the ceremony, so we didn't get all of the photos we wanted, but here are a few of the LeTourneau friends with whom we spent our time in Boise...

Center: John (Dad) and Krissy Fulton - Ceremony officiated by John's father
Best Man and Matron of Honor: Ben and Jess (Sporty) Scott

The Halls: Matt and Kendra
Matt was also a Flooder

Flooders... Sugar (Andrew Steiger) and Matt Hall

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