Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nursery Shopping

Well, Kmart is having a sale on baby furniture, so we're taking advantage of the discount and buying our big ticket items now! Don't know where we'll put them until the basement gets finished, but it's nice to get them checked off the list - and avoid extra shipping costs, too! Our bedding is pictured in a previous post (see Nursery Decor), but here are the furniture peices we're getting...


Charlotte said...

Ok. I am trying this again. Maybe this time my comment will show up.
The furniture is great! I really like the wood look that you are going with.
And, in reference to your last post, the ultrasound is too cool! For just a 2D, you have a really good shot of the WHOLE baby. I believe with Alyse' pics we only had certain body parts in each frame. Such a little miracle, huh?
I'm so happy for you, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Woohoo! Your post worked, Charlotte! Yeah, the ultrasound picture came out really clearly - and we actually got a much better picture than that one, I just haven't scanned it in yet. But I will soon! It's really clear and I was really excited to get it, especially since we didn't get a 3D ultrasound.