Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Second Car for the Growing Family

It would seem by the deposit we put down today and the waiting list we are on that our second vehicle will be a 2006 Toyota Prius. We were really impressed with how it drove (particularly on icy roads) and its fuel economy, as well as its safety features. It's a hatchback, so it gives us a little more freedom and room than the Taurus, but it's not a full-blown minivan or station wagon. We're still a few months away from its actual arrival in Bozeman, but sometime in the near future we, too, will become a 2-car American family.


DREW! said...

Man, that is a smart-looking car.

It occurs to me now that TV—especially of the cartoon variety—lied to me as a child. In 1984, I assumed by the year 2006 we'd all have flying cars and whatnot.

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Yeah, I tried to get Leif to buy the flying car, but he said we'd not fit in with the "local color" if we were that cool. So we settled for the hybrid instead. Now we can be just like all the Bozeman envirofreaks and feel good about our 50mpg fuel economy.